ilyd has invited visual artists Sian Kristoffersen (DK), P * D * A * (SE), G (UK), Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard (DK), Inuuteq Storch (GL) and Sidsel Meineche Hansen (DK) to exhibit in a one-year exhibition program from October 2020 to August 2021. ilyd ( is a digital exhibition platform for sound art, which since 2016 has exhibited 36 visual artists.

The exhibition program will consist of six digital solo exhibitions, all of which orient themselves in the new Covid-19 world and work on the premise that both the audience's experience of the art and the visual art work takes place in the home. The purpose of the exhibitions is to connect the listeners where they are: in the bus, nature or the home and thus blur the boundaries of the physical gallery, so that the art can be experienced across national borders and quarantine restrictions. The exhibitions are free and can be visited by anyone with access to an internet browser.

For some of the invited artists, the audio medium is new and their previous practice requires physical presence as in performance, or is strongly connected to a material such as in painting or sculpture. At ilyd, the artists get the opportunity to relate to how their work production unfolds in a non-physical space and at the same time reflect on the potential of sound as a material, and how sound can be used to see, touch and feel.

The artists will be sent a package of sound equipment - a mobile sound studio - that will support the artistic work during isolation. The exhibition program has been created with generous support from the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Foundation and the Obel Family Foundation.


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