Playlist: Radical Empathy, A Continuous Score,  Act 10: The Mixtape

*Reading of Sara Ahmed’s Snap! Feminist Moments, Feminist Movements [excerpt], featuring I'm So Happy I Cry by Fantastic Negrito, and electric water boiler

*Movements That Matter - vs. 2020 Sweden needs a revolution, featuring electric water boiler

*Act 10 Intro by reader - “English (US) Sharon” at accompanied by Elevator 1

*Letter to Swedish Migration Board + Response, featuring nope and Elevator 1

*PSA:  Waiting Time Facilitation, featuring remix of Amanda-Aisha Duo MX067_57-Girl from Petaluma-13858-Megatrax

*Wrinkle Free Laugher™, featuring Plunge by Fever Ray, nope and cooking

*PSA: Don’t Forget To Wear a Helmet

*Movements That Matter - vs. 2020 - Being not acting mixed with breast exam 2020, featuring scand-kor yes and Enchanté + Lighting Strikes by Klaus Nomi

*Readings of Sara Ahmed’s Snap! Feminist Moments, Feminist Movements [excerpt], featuring scand-kori yes/no thanks/nope, The Song That Never Ends, privilege walk questions, Enchanté by Klaus Nomi and cooking

*The pause became the moment of dissent-P*D*A* at Skogen featuring Enchanté by Klaus Nomi, cooking

*Audre Lorde interview excerpt at Hunter College-credit Pacifica Radio Archives, featuring To be Young, Gifted and Black by Nina Simone, Enchanté by Klaus Nomi, reading of We Work Too Hard by Rod Smith

*PSA: Liberty4animatedcharacters

*Bullshit Anthem by Fantastic Negrito, featuring P*D*A* poop talk

*Binding Ritual Revisited

*What is Radical Empathy?-P*D*A* mixed with My 22 Yr Old Self to My 42 Yr Old Self

*PSA: Xenofeminism Blues Chanson01

*Excerpt from Complaints of an Artist-Teacher, featuring vacuum, quicktime_freaksout_squeal, nay and Bullshit Anthem by Fantastic Negrito

*Packing List featuring vacuum, PSA: Questionable Questions and mixtape10_AEmix  

*NPR Dec 2020 backed up by the vacuum

*Drag King Show Addict featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock and mixtape10_AEmix  

*What is Radical Empathy-P*D*A* featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock and Mixtape10_AEmix

*Keywords from TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly-Volume 1: Postposttransexual: Key Concepts for a Twenty-First-Century Transgender Studies, featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock

*Mixtape Work Meeting -P*D*A* featuring Chameleon by Herbie Hancock, and “Resting Bitch Tone BOOM” by reader - “English (US) Sharon” at

Spatializing the mixtape: Working and listening to All Things Considered-National Public Radio (NPR), Dec 2020 accompanied by sprinkles of clap-snap, clap-hard, thabla-drop-drums-short and old-school-hip-hop-pack-vol-2-low-mixed-snap_89bpm_F_major