"Symbolon" is the first episode in a sound trilogy for two voices. The voices belong to the Aquila Severa statue, housed in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, and a professional who records the narratives told about the statue. During the collection of the historical data, the professional becomes aware of her private motives behind the work. Personal stories intertwine between the factual and together they form a parallel track slowly breaking down the boundary between fiction, memory and reality.

Concept and direction: Sian Kristoffersen Sound design: Jonatan Uranes
Voice: Marie Thams

The following episodes Hiss & In love with the Moon launch in 2021.  

Sian Kristoffersen (b. 1969, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen. Educated at Glasgow School of Art & The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2000-2007. Sian Kristoffersen works primarily with sculpture and installation.