Johanne Skovbo Lasgaard, born 1985, based in Humleore Forest, in central Zealand, DK. MFA, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts 2006-2013. Represented at Marie Kirkegaard Gallery.

"To open the sculptures up to the world, Lasgaard works to create surfaces that evoke a desire to touch and smell them, to create a sensual and physical connection to those who come in contact with the works. Maybe they are brought back to the time they stood in Grandmothers bathroom washing their hands in her mussel-shaped hand soap and watched a mixture of soil and foam slid down the drain.

The works are – as the body - a container for mental states. Lasgaard works with the inherent language of materials and its coherence with the language of emotional life. The personal and collective memory is evoked by the materials, and the body's experience is used as a base for ideas, feelings and reflections".   -  Mille Højerslev 2021.